Chris Pearson

CrossFit Level 2 Coach.

I believe that everyone is capable of reaching their personal goals. I look forward to giving clients the safe, worthwhile and successful training sessions they need in order to achieve their best.

Trying to understand exercises and workout plans by yourself can be confusing and can lead to a lack of motivation. I was my own personal trainer since my first year of college and have gone through the ups and downs of having no real game plan. I would occasionally attend the CrossFit sessions at the local box, but without any real consistency, it was unreliable.

I am very fitness oriented and truly believe that everyone can reach their own goals with the proper motivation and mindset. My goal at RVC is to give each client safe, worthwhile, and successful training sessions in order to help them reach these unique goals all the while keeping motivation high. The gym will turn into a place of knowledge and gains, leaving you excited for the next session.

Updated 1/23/23